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Welcome to Pippi Longstocking

Thanks to the recent enthusiasm for Memecoin, we are releasing token 'Memecoin' based on 'Pippi Longstocking', the drama which was loved around the world decades ago.


About Pippi Longstocking Token

Unlike other memcoins with barely any features, we have launched a token with features that commercializes our own coin, such as SLOT Game / Casual Game / Card Game / P2E Game / NFT Market Play / Metaverse Land.


There is no sales purchase tax and the best advantage is that for the first time in the world, we plan use 50% of our revenue from game partnerships to provide liquidity in P2E games. As a result, by using our Pippi token, all users can maximize their revenue to the 100%. This profit is provided to all users, but is differentiated according to their current level and equipment standards.


Our Mission

We will carry out a massive advertising campaign upon launch We are a standard token that doesn’t have any staking functions of clumsy fraud, buyback functions, or liquidity to transfer taxes. Our team will show you our strength through price and action.


Video transmission from 15 to 20 YouTubers with more than 100,000 subscribers worldwide Publish over 750 press releases on platforms like Yahoo, BloomBerg, Watch, Insider, etc. PinkSale marketing company Announce on social media platforms with over 10,000 subscribers, including Twitter and Telegram notifications - PinkSale marketing company stablish partnerships with small-scale crypto YouTubers - Asia, Europe, South America, North America - 7-8 YouTubers.

바람의 초원 유적지.jpg

More New Characters in Season 9!

Coming in April!

This is the true season of love. when we beleive that we alone can love that no one could ever have loved so before us. and that no will love in the same way after us.

Coming in May!

Love isn't a decision. It's a feeling. If we could decide who we would be much simpler. but much less magical.

Coming in June

Immature love says. I love you because I need you . mature love says. I need you beacuse I love you Learing to love yourself is the greatest love of all.


Whitepaper Category

Experience in P2E development and profitable token development Team members with experience in top 20-40 projects Number of team

Current market

The market is currently overheated with the memecoin craze. It is too bad that the market overheats and disappears with this smooth market flow.


What's wrong with the market

People who do not understand the essence of investing forget the value of the token and only chase the price explosion.
Chasing price appreciation is the problem.

Market Solution
As time solves everything, it is certain that demand will be concentrated on tokens with essential functions.

Token Introduction and Advantages

In Q4, As the first step to enter the global market, we plan to complete P2E game development without any problems. It will also provide all holders with the opportunity to generate revenue.

Scattered Coins


The overall purpose of the Pippi Token is to give a secure environment where you may trade your important crypto NFTs and stack their digital assets on the blockchain while being decentralized; we are grateful to the holders who have helped us expand significantly. Trading without a budget is difficult, but a devoted development team emerged from our community's attitude by handling many types and product offerings. It will act as a critical link between the decentralized and global networks, allowing us to realize our goal of making NFT digital assets a viable choice.



Phase 1 Q2 2023

  • CG / CMC Listing

  • Reach 2,000+ holders

  • Slot/Casual/Poker Game
    start service

  • Start of P2E game
    (Cyber Battle)

Phase 2 Q3 2023

  • Game partnership agreements

  • Started regular token burning

  • CEX listing + 5,000 holders

  • Start of Pippi NFT marketplace

Phase 3 Q4 2023

  • Listing on top exchanges
    + 10,000 holders

  • Start of P2E game service
    (Cyber Battle)

  • Launch of Pippi Swap

Phase 4 Q1 2024

  • Start of Pippi Metaverse

  • User monetization via P2E

  • Set up user reward distribution

  • Launch game NFT marketplace

  • Listing on top exchanges
    + over 30,000 holders



Pippi Longstocking


Ethereum ETH




100 trillion


Ethereum ETH

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